Robyn Steel-Stickland
Hi, I'm Robyn, co-founder and proprietor of Opendrawer – which is all about creativity, community and connecting.

The Opendrawer concept draws together various themes that run through my life.

I was born with a strong appreciation of creativity and artists. I’m lucky enough to know many artists and makers. It always thrills me to present their edgy, elegant and unique work to a discerning client. Curating the art work and creating attention seeking window displays is one of the best bits of my job. Quite possibly the work will be presented in or on a set of drawers.​

Why drawers? I’ve always been a bit of a bowerbird: at home I have a collection of vintage textiles and buttons, which I love to display in quirky or unexpected ways.

My contribution to future vintage began when I embroidered a pear on the pocket of my apron at high school. I love decorative stitching, but avoid practical sewing.


Before Opendrawer was conceived, I taught felt making, and studied a Certificate of Art and Design for Stitch. I'm a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild and Victorian Feltmakers Inc., and I have published a how-to book
Felt: Irresistibly Beautiful Projects.

Prior to Opendrawer I managed several small businesses including a ski lodge, a florist and a veterinary practice.


I have a wonderful husband and two children, who support my endeavours whole heartedly.


I look forward to meeting you.